We help you to lower your companies carbon footprint with our negative emissions technology solutions.



Carbo Control looks at innovation from two vantage points. Firstly, our plants represent an exciting innovation in the processing of industrial by-products, allowing companies to drastically reduce carbon footprints. At the same time, our innovative model will help foster a more collaborative approach to circularity across industries. Enabling a wider rollout of carbon capture technologies in Europe will allow for continued innovation on a larger scale as the biochar economy continues to evolve.
We believe making innovations accessible and cost effective will be one of the keys to helping more companies succeed with implementing circular practices. Our EBC-certified biochar plants make it easy for companies to turn their biogenic waste and residual industrial raw-material into value added biochar they can use on their own or sell through the NovoCarbo platform. In addition, the process results in the production of regenerative energy that can be utilized on site, further helping to close the loop and bring more circularity.



The overarching goal of Carbo Control is to aid in the capture and re-utilization of residual industrial resources, and therefore assist companies by integrating new profitable value chains – while moving to circular business models. It is a fact that many important processes across industries require carbon in some way – therefore the “reduction” we are aiming for refers to the reduction of carbon released into the atmosphere. We offer a way to “close the loop” – meaning companies can continue focusing on their core competencies while easily transitioning to a circular business model.

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Our plants recycle biogenic by-products and waste from wood, paper and industrial materials that would otherwise go unused, giving corporate players the opportunity to greatly reduce their carbon emissions as well as waste. This reduction in carbon emissions can pay dividends in multiple ways. These benefits can be realized either by capturing carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere and storing it in the ground, or by providing a sustainable material that can reduce the need to utilize additional raw materials.



We view the potential impact of Carbo Control to be substantial. At the moment, it is reasonable to surmise that a number of industries will undergo significant changes with regard to their business practices. The focus thereby shifts to meeting existing and upcoming environmental regulations or targets, especially those relating to the circular economy. At Carbo Control, we want to make the transition as easy as possible. With our turnkey EBC-certified biochar plants, we make it easier than ever before for companies to make a positive environmental impact without hurting economic profitability. Our plants capture carbon and turn it into high quality plant carbon, locking in C02 that would otherwise seep into the atmosphere. This can then be either sequestered into the ground, or further processed into valuable materials. This enables even further carbon reduction for companies once the materials are utilized, or a new revenue stream if it is instead sold. 

Even more importantly, the scalability of our plants means a more significant industry wide impact can be achieved in short order. We help companies, and entire industries, have more confidence in the sustainability of their supply chains by providing scalable and versatile solutions that can provide a meaningful impact from production to logistics. We are excited to work with industries to accelerate the shift away from offsetting, and towards sustainable insetting solutions.

Our services.

From consulting to constructing fully turnkey pyrolysis plants, discover the different ways CarboControl can help your business cut emissions, access new verticals and thrive in a low carbon economy.

Analysis & Consulting
We take a close look at your company to help match you with the perfect biochar solution.
Project Development
Our team will work closely with you to design and build a plant to meet your needs.
Turnkey Facility
We take the heavy lifting out of the equasion – delivering a fully turnkey soluton.
Establishment Circular Production System
Our plants will help your business stay ahead of the curve by enabling circular business models.
Operation and Management
We take care of all O&M at your plant. Allowing your team to instead remain focused on your main goals.

Your benefits.

Renewable energy use
Our plants utilize renewable energy – ensuring sustainabiltiy is a focus every step of the way.
Real climate impact
We help your company can make a real impact with measurable carbon reductions.
Cost saving through negative emissions
Negative emissions means cost savings due to less offsetting.
Long-term cost security
Our plants are long lasting and effecient, offerring long term cost-security.

Who are we?

Carbo Control is the Industrial solution from NovoCarbo, a leading producer and trading platform for high quality plant-carbon products. We have extensive experience in the production of high-quality biochar from multiple input materials. Carbo Control brings these technologies to industrial customers, helping design and implement circular-economy strategies. Our team members are equipped with knowledge from a wide range of disciplines, and always combine their know-how with matters of sustainability. Carbo Control combines interdisciplinary knowledge that ranges from theory to technology to practice.

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We as scientists, engineers and business professionals take a holistic approach – committed to unlocking the benefits of a sustainable and prosperous economy. Therefore, we provide a unique understanding of the practical challenges involved in the transition to circularity. In addition to our technical perspective, we are also well versed in consulting – and consequently well equipped to help you find the best solution for your company’s sustainability issues and challenges. We are looking forward to applying our expertise to help you find advanced biochar solutions that can better position your firm in the circular bioeconomy.

From left to right: Florian Lage, Caspar von Ziegner, Benjamin Reinke and Venna von Lepel

What drives us?

We are driven by the shared goal of enabling not only a net-zero climate neutral economy, but a negative emissions circular economy for future generations. We have a high conviction that this shift can be greatly accelerated by providing a reliable and cost-effective solution that can turn residual materials into valuable biochar. Biochar offers benefits across industries, and stands to play a major role in the decarbonization of hard to abate sectors. As the biochar industry is still relatively new, with most research only being done within the last 5 years, the full economic and ecological value has not yet been uncovered. We are excited to play a significant role as more use-cases and benefits are discovered.

The opportunity to efficiently “close the loop” and bring more circularity across sectors at a large scale presents itself as the perfect application of our expertise. We aim to make as large of an impact as possible, and that singular goal has driven us to develop the scalable, turnkey solution we now have on offer.

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